MEETING POINT: Agenzia Altieri Viaggi, Via Domenico Ridola, 61 - Matera. The Tour starts from Piazza Pascoli with a historical/architectural and anthropological introduction of the Sassi with the background of the wonderful view on the Sasso Caveoso. The tour continues towards "Via Domenico Ridola", the central street dedicated to the senator and founder of the National Museum Ridola. Along the way you meet two churches in Baroque style, the Church of Purgatory and the Church of "San Francesco d'Assisi". In "Via Duomo" you stop to admire the breathtaking view onto the Sasso Barisano; Then you reach the "Civita”, the highest promontory of the Sassi di Matera where the Cathedral dominates since 1270. Then the tour goes through the Sasso Barisano for a visit to the rupestrian church of San Pietro Barisano, which dates back to one thousand years ago. Leaving the church, a few meters further the tour continues with a visit to the "Cava" house, an extraordinary hypogeum environment formerly used as a tuff quarry, today used as an auditorium and conference center thanks to an exceptional restoration work. The tour proceeds in the Sasso Caveoso. The cliff of "Monterrone" dominates the scene, surrounded by numerous caves and cave houses. On its top, as indicated by a wrought iron cross, there are two very ancient places of worship: the two Churches of "Madonna dell'Idris" and "San Giovanni in Monterrone" completely carved into the rock. The next step is a cave-house typically furnished with household furniture and work tools used by farmers in the fields. The tour continues by visiting "Il Bottegaccio", a craftshop of a master ceramist and papier-mache who will explain 4 objects that are part of the popular culture of Matera, which he himself produced. Continue uphill though "Via Buozzi" to reach our headquarters "Altieri Viaggi" for the tasting of typical products of our region.


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