MEETING POINT: Agenzia Altieri Viaggi, Via Domenico Ridola, 61 - Matera. The Tour starts from Piazza Pascoli with a historical/architectural and anthropological introduction of the Sassi with the background of the wonderful view on the Sasso Caveoso. The wide panorama allows the eye to wander and gives a breathtaking view on the Sasso Caveoso, the Murgia plateau and the massive karst fracture called "Gravina di Matera". The tour continues into the Sasso Caveoso. At the bottom of Via Bruno Buozzi the cliff of "Monterrone" dominates the scene, surrounded by numerous caves and cave houses. On its top, as indicated by a wrought iron cross, there are two very ancient places of worship: the two Churches of "Madonna dell'Idris" and "San Giovanni in Monterrone" completely carved into the rock. The tour includes a visit to a Rupestrian Church (Madonna de Idris or Santa Lucia alle Malve) and a typically furnished cave-dwelling, which will allow us to perceive the 'painful humanity' of the old peasant world. The next step is a visit to "Il Bottegaccio", a craftshop of a master ceramist and papier-mache who will explain 4 objects that are part of the popular culture of Matera, which he himself produced. After traveling in time and space from the Paleolithic to our days the tour ends with a small tasting of typical products.


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